thefactsofrebandvodka asked:
Hey, how's. It going??? It's been quite a while and thought I'd check up on you. I hope you're not mad I left, but it seems like you left for a while too! I sent this on 3/21/14

Things have been fine I guess. Noting had really changed. I hope I’m getting better. I’m just not bothered to do the things I want to do lately. Sent on 3/24/14

dear kourtney

im sorry things turned out the way they did. im sorry for what has happened in the past years. im sorry for whats going to happen. i know you will never read this or even know whats going on right now. i can only imagine whats going through your head at this moment. how did things turn out like this. forever is a long long time and time has a was of changing things. i long for the sound of your voice to tell me everythings going to be all right. i miss all the little secrets weve kept in thoes 4 books. im so so so sorry kourtney. i dont know whats going through my mind and im falling apart without you being here with me. i miss my bestfriend. and im sad i cant see you for 6 years. i just wanted to say im sorry. i wish you were here. everythings going down hill. it was nice to have a friend next to me when things got bad. im sorry kourthey.